Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Excuse me, do you have a toothpick?"

That is something that is heard quite regularly. In homes, restaurants, airplanes and even cars when riding back to work after lunch. I suppose it's a normal thing to request after a meal of roast beef, chicken, steak or any other food type that may find a home nestled in a crevice deep in your teeth.

I personally don't have a problem with it in my car because I have two kids that travel with me everyday. You can't imagine the things I find in my car. However, for those of you who do not travel with little ones that eat like the "Cookie Monster" in their car let me ask you this.

You are driving back from a place of "Fine Dining". You, your spouse and perhaps another couple. You are all in the car enjoying your ride home talking about how great dinner was and how you must go there again. There is a lull in the conversation and you hear "thwp, thwp" and wonder what is making such a sound. Then it dawns on you that your buddy there asked for a toothpick as he was leaving. NOW he is picking the dinner out of his teeth and really who knows what else? And you know what he is doing with the smelly little morsels? That's right, he's spitting them all over the inside of your car. So the next time you get in it you may very well see a dried up piece of Ralph's T-bone hanging there on the dashboard, seat or even window for that matter.

"Did you really think he was swallowing them?"


So the next time you see someone heading for the car with a toothpick hanging out of their mouth, I suggest you ask them to "leave it at the door."

Eyes of youth have sharp sight, but commonly not so deep as those of elder age.

- Elizabeth I of England

Friday, July 29, 2005

A moment of "Macro"

I just love taking pictures and close ups particularly. The Macro setting on my camera is the best one there is. To get so close and see so much detail is just amazing to me. Here are some shots.

Enjoy a "Moment of Macro"

"Thanks for hopping by!"

To Salena:

A faithful friend is a strong defense; And he that hath found him hath found a treasure.

-Louisa May Alcott

Thursday, July 28, 2005

"Roughing It"

Here are our two really braving the wilderness in their own livingroom. I mean what better way to camp? In the house with favorite blankets, lights, bathroom and best of ALL cartoons!! Now this is the way to do it.

Let our lives be pure as snow-fields, where our footsteps leave a mark but not a stain.

-Madame Swetchine

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Under Pressure!!

Unless you have been under a stone or you ARE stoned you are well aware of the heat wave that has been sweeping most of the east coast. It has been unbelievably hot and just miserable to be outside for any length of time. My friend said in one of her blogs "I swear I just saw Satan" about being in Texas some time ago. Well, he has made his way here. I saw him at Dairy Queen having a "Moo Latte"."

On the hottest weekend so far this summer my husband (who should NOW be classified insane)decided to have somewhere near a half acre of wooded area behind our house cleared. That in itself was bad but to burn IT. I mean to have a fire of that magnitude in the already incredible heat....INSANE!

By the end of the day we were just about melted but not so much so that honey couldn't make a stunning discovery. He was walking along side of our garage where there were two cans of soda sitting against the wall. They had been there for a couple of days and nothing much was thought of them. On this afternoon one was found still in tact but the other had the tab blown out and half of the top was peeled back. With his eyes wide and the can in his hand he says "honey would you just LOOK at this can, it exploded." It was pretty amazing to see and realize what pressure must have built in that can.

He goes on to tell this story. A woman had been shopping in heat similar to what we are having now. On her way home there was an enormous bang in the car. So shockingly loud she thought for a moment she was a victim of a sniper shooting. She lays on the brakes and screeches to a halt only to realize she had been hit in the back of the head with an item. Completely out of sorts and lying on the front seat of the car she slowly looks around. While doing so she spots a lump of dough on the floor and discovers that it is a Pillsbury Dinner Roll. Obviously it was entirely too hot in the car and the tube of rolls exploded shooting out a roll.

She was being sniped alright by the Pillsbury Doughboy!!

"oh nooo!"

Now, is this story my husband told true? Who knows but it made me laugh for the rest of the evening just thinking about him telling it.

You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My HERO!!!

"Oh, Spider Man help me. They all hate me because I'm beautiful!" "My nails are wet and I just can't do a thing."

"You stay right there and don't move." I'll scale this wall and catch him, you have nothing to fear."
Spidy was climbing the wall getting ready to do battle with the villain that only he saw. The beauty that was in such distress was now in the kitchen get herself something to drink while her hero was saving the day.

Now that the damsel is refreshed and her nails are dry she is feeling better. "Thank you Spider Man I just don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come." "I was oh so scared" "Why don't you come on over here and let me give you a squeeze!"

"You bet you good lookin' thing, anytime!" "Spider Man in my name and fighting crime is my game." "I'll take that squeeze now."

The only thing that makes life possible.....
is not knowing what comes next.

-Ursula K. LeGuin

Monday, July 25, 2005

Dishwasher safe? Ah yes, no....oh I don't know!

What wonderful convenient additions these appliances make to any kitchen. They wash and dry your dishes all by themselves with no real effort from us. Well, with the exception of getting them IN the dishwasher itself.
For years people have been putting dishes in and taking them out and reusing the same exact dishes and utensils. Along with people doing this they have also been saying "don't put those knives in there," "oh and those glasses they can't go in the dishwasher." I mean there are lots of things that I've heard people say can not go in the dishwasher. My question is WHY?

WHY can these things among others not go in the dishwasher. I mean what exactly happens in there that they can't handle? I have actually gotten down on my knees and looked inside mine to see WHAT is in there. What I saw were the racks for the dishes and glasses, a paddle with holes in it that I assume water comes out of. Granted the water is hot but it comes from the hot water heater so it isn't any hotter then the sinks or showers. Lets see what else? I think the only other thing that I saw was the heating element that dries the dishes. So now tell me what happens. None of those components look damaging so what is it that they DO that the knives won't survive or the glasses will have difficulty?

Me? If it is in my kitchen and used on a daily basis then it's in you go. Honestly, what could possibly harm them in there that couldn't be ten times worse by using it and with two kids.....Please. There is more chance of it becoming scratched, cracked, broken, bent or even melted outside the dishwasher then it is in it. At my house anyway!

And this is what has me so perplexed on this day. Man I'm SIMPLE!!!

The greatest gift is not being afraid to question!
- Ruby Dee

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Looking for sleep in all the wrong places....

And FINDING it!!!

All acts performed in the world begin in the imagination.

~Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The horrors of a "6" year old....

So my girlfriend has been doing a lot of traveling here lately, I mean A LOT. I think she has been to 42 states so far. Well, she decided that all along the way she would pick up post cards to send to the kids and their collection is growing weekly. Not only does she send cards but cool things she thinks they will like also. This particular item was T-shirts from Boston. Now being from somewhat near that part of the country it is very possible that my son could be a Red Sox fan. Since he is only six his very calculated method of selecting his favorite team is by his favorite color and this week it happens to be red.

The shirt comes and I go through the whole Red Sox explanation about them being a big baseball team and won the World Series blah, blah, blah. He was beyond excited and put it on right away. Later that evening he was outside but comes running in the house holding his chest crying so immediately I ask him what happen. He didn't answer me quick enough so I go to him to see what was the matter. I take his hand away from his chest and there is was! The raised white piping on his new Boston shirt was coming off. I mean the horror!

He said "Mommy, look my baseball shirt it isn't new anymore it's broken." So I try to explain that it's ok and that when I wash it more may come off. He screeches "NO! Mommy then I'm never letting you wash it, it will NEVER be washed."

Needless to say that little piece fell off the shirt and he grabs his head and says "Oh Mommy, what am I going to dooooo?" I told him that I would just throw it out. Grabbing his shirt with both hands he cries "you're going to throw out my new shirt?" Laughing now, I explained that I wasn't going to throw out his shirt just the little piece. I go on to tell him that the Boston Red Sox are REALLY just blue and red that the white was put on to just make it fancy. Slowly he somewhat pulls himself together and asks "are you sure?" Well, I was has sure as I could be at the moment. Now that he was feeling like he was still a member of the team he told me "Oh Mommy I thought everything was going to come off, the blue letters and EVERYTHING!" I assured him that it just won't happen and he had nothing to worry about. Man, I tell you who would have thought all this for a T-shirt?

On in the evening once he was certain in his knowing that his shirt was going to be fine he said to me "Mommy, see I just don't know somethings." I told him that he knew plenty sometimes too much. He thanked me with the biggest hug and said "thank you so much Mommy for knowing things."

Amazing to a 6 year old I'm a genius!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Anonymous blog bashing...

So you have something to say great I'm all ears but to hide behind the anonymous tag really, how cowardly. You don't like my subject matter then shut your mouth and start your own blog then you can spew all the stupidity you'd like and let others see your brilliance. The other thing you could do is NOT read it. I mean really to say that you threw up in your mouth a little. Come on how disgustingly gross is that? Go all the way and just let it out. Oh, yeah that's right you don't have the brain capacity to do that I forgot.

I am a Christian, a proud American and yes, yes I do live in domestic bliss. However, that does not mean that I don't think, work or live in reality as it was so intelligently stated. Um, what rock have YOU been under that you think a person in my position doesn't work, think or have any sense of reality? See, the difference between you and me is that I'm very happy with my life choices where as you sound a little bitter...Poor baby! Actually even a lovely shade of green or is it yellow? Boy you are just a rainbow in the making aren't you?

Reality you say? Your reality is that I'm sure you are a pathetic little person in a go no where job with a boss you hate and co-workers that hate you. You live in a rat hole of an apartment with absolutely no body you can call a friend. So yeah, I can see where you would need to run your mouth about someone who is happy, ambitious, enjoys life, has morals, character and direction not only for myself but my family as well. Not wanting my life is fine with me you couldn't handle it. Besides it sounds like to me you have your hands full with that thing you call "a life." I mean with your thinking, working and reality it's about all you can manage. Perhaps YOU should start a blog so you can have a reason to exist, then again I'm sure no one cares!

Having something to say is fine regardless of what it is. Everyone has the right to express their opinion but next time don't hide it's not at all respectable.

By the way I'm a Republican.....MORON!

The voice from the darkness...

Again the hidden brave heart speaks but why? Had nothing nice to say the first time had obvious distaste for things that I write about YET he visits me once more. Just how much of a life could he have if THIS is all he has to do. I don't mind it always nice knowing that there are fans.

Anyway, be well my friend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Girls night in...

To be sitting in the Masten Lake house now....ahhh, what a pleasant thought. A quaint little place tucked in the woods so much so that if you blink you would miss it. It was small, only two bedrooms and one bath with a little living area and kitchen. In my mind I can see every room and even where most of the furniture was. As I recall it grew dust!

Salena and me 1990

Salena who was and STILL is to this day my very best friend lived in this delightful little nest and with dust and all what a great place for our "girls night in." Here is where we watched movies, flipped through volumes of Cosmo. Magazines (Salena more so then me), high-lighted our hair and practiced with false nails (again Salena more so then me.) We would spend hours talking about EVERYTHING and I do mean everything. Guys that were hot, the colognes we just loved on those hot guys, girls we didn't like, the clothes they wore, our jobs that we liked but hated the boss, the guy in the office that someone had a crush on and lots to talk about once it was acted on. We also created "laundry night" it was Thursday. After work we would gather all our laundry, go get it done maybe squeeze in a game of pool and then back home for the nights feature presentation "Knots Landing." Man, there was nothing better then clean clothes, some flirting with cute guys and watching "Knots."
Masten Lake

It may sound like simple things to do and I guess they were but at the time I wouldn't have wanted to be doing anything else. They were fun and carefree times that are now wonderful memories!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"Mommy Dearest"

Oh the tortuous actions of a Mother. The cruel and unusual things we do to our kids to make them do or not do something. Today Mina would have certainly called me Joan IF she had any idea who she was.

As usual we were out running the roads getting some things done. As we were out on our jaunt I just touched base with a couple of friends and it turned out that after we finished what "needed" doing we had a play date. So off we were for the rest of the afternoon the kids played and as most Moms do we sat and shot the breeze. The weather has been insanely hot and humid so we were all pretty much indoors but the kids could careless as long as they are wide open they are happy.

The afternoon just slipped away and before I knew it we were off again but this time we were headed home. The kids were hot and tired and I believe happy to be still for a second. The truck was like a crematorium when I opened the door I didn't think it would ever cool down. Michael was happy as a clam in the back just chit-chatting about his afternoon but Mina was fading fast. Her eyes were rolling in her head and her neck became rubber all in a matter of minutes. She finally speaks up and says "Mommy, I'm cold back here" so I lower the air to almost off. I told her that she could NOT go to sleep because we were just about home and for anyone who has young kids knows what I'm talking about. First it's just too late in the day for a nap and B.) it's a serious hassle getting them out of the car without a crying symphony.

So, I transformed into the infamous Joan Crawford and thought "hm, I'll keep her awake" and put the air conditioning back on and full blast. She became alert and this time shouted "Mommyyyy, I'm cold." "Well then you have to stay awake until we get home then you can lay in the couch if you want." She wasn't at all thrilled at that demand but complied the best she could and I shut the air back off. I kept checking my rearview to make sure she was upholding her end of the bargain. When I saw her eyes begin to roll I flipped on the air and her eyes would fly open wide like a deer in the headlights. This went on the entire way home!

As we were pulling into the driveway THIS is what my Mina girl looked like...

By the way after arriving home she ate a string cheese, drank a bottle of Powerade and there was no sleep to be found. AND she didn't hit the boards till after 9pm. So tell me, how tired could she have been?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Best Friend!

Sorta gives the phrase "my best friend" a whole new spin. I certainly wouldn't want anyone who is taking this class to say "Oh, here I'd like you to meet my best friend Vicki." Not much flattery there!!

Friday, July 15, 2005

"Sleeping Beauty"

It has caused people to gasp since childhood. This thick, wirey and unmanageable head of hair has been with me all of my life. My hair was the reason for the phrase "can't do a thing with it."

I remember my Mom trying to tame it during the night by having me wear a tight ski hat to bed. Did you ever? Not only did it not work, my head felt like it was in a vise all night. Next we tried rollers. Those evil little round things with what looked like tiny toilet brushes in them that were fastened to my head with plastic toothpicks. Man talk about NOT sleeping. I took them out during the night so you can only imagine what I looked like the following morning. I believe those lasted exactly one night. Finally there were the soft little pink rollers. Remember those? Well, first of all I hated sitting there to get my head rolled before bed and second they didn't work. My hair just would not take a curl a little wave maybe but not a curl. The waves didn't do much good either. They only made me look like I intentionally did my hair that morning with an egg beater. Oh the misery!

I have never been one that was able to get out of bed in the morning and just do a little something with my hair and go. I have always had to wash it and dry it before leaving the house. You don't believe that? Please just ask anyone who has ever had the priviledge of the sight of me right out of bed and I promise they will swear under oath to it.

Hubby the gem that he is askes me endlessly "honey why don't you grow your hair long?" This coming from a man that is BALD has not idea what he is asking. So I tell him "ok, when you grow your hair back I'll grow my hair out." He usually then walks away mumbling something and I'm off the hook for another few months.

And here is the one thing that I have been asked for at least 30 years I know. "What is it that you do in your sleep?" My answer hasn't changed in all this time. I tell them "I don't know I'M SLEEPING!"

This morning to top it all off and the reason for this blog. When I woke this morning and found myself staring into the beautiful faces of my children my sweet little Mina said "Mommy, you have wild hair this morning!"

Do you think it's considered bravery posting that picture or stupidity? Well, either way there you have it!

"Breaking News"

This just in.... The sun is SHINING!

So much for our local "lying" meteorological professionals. I swear they just can not be trusted EVER!

Do you see it? The shadow, it's there...see it? It's not much but it's not rain.

Now we are in the biggest sauna EVER! There is a huge rock somewhere and there are people throwing water on it. Man, I have to find them and tell them to stop!

Ding, ding, ding go to your corners....

It's all or nothing, feast or famine, winner take ALL. I don't get it. We have just spent the last several weeks with no rain, I mean not the first drop. Everything was so dry that just looking at it made me thirsty. The trees are shedding their leaves, the flowers are wilted and near death and the grass in so burnt that walking on it with your bare feet for any length of time would cause blisters. I know it happen to me. I was beginning to think we were in the Mojave Desert.

Now, now we have to build an ark. It has rained for the past 5 days and I just looked at the "seven day forecast" it's supposed to rain for another 6. You see what I mean? I really don' t have any personal problems with rain it's just that I have my two little gems Michael and Mina. I have to say they are very good about entertaining themselves and eachother but come on they are 6 and 4 how long do you think they can keep it up? As I've told you we are now on day 5 and I'm starting to hear things like "Mommy he took that from me, I had it first," "I'm NOT playing with you anymore," "he hit me, crying," "she won't get out of my room." Then when I think it can't get any worse they ask to go outside and I almost let them even though IT'S RAINING!!! Oh what to do?? Here is what I have to say. I'm not much of a poet but let me just try and flex my creative muscles....

Rain, rain go away
the natives are getting restless
we must go out to play.
It's time to hang up our boxing gloves
and gives eachother great big hugs.
So sun won't you please come out and shine
For I'm feared we are about out of time.
If you must hide for a while longer
I guess I'll just make my beverages stronger.
Are you beginning to get the picture? Really I'm not at all a drinker and being in this house for the past week has proven that to me without a doubt. Ah yes I would like a twist of lemon with that!

4 out of 5 Dentists recommend.....


Do you think THIS could be why??

I'm just wondering what is the 5th dentist THINKING?!?

Thursday, July 14, 2005


You think he is afraid for his life??

I'd say with billions of burgers eaten every year there is good reason. The poor thing he almost makes me feel sorry for him. Then again nah I STILL say forget the fowl and bring on the burger!

Guess what we are having for dinner??

WHO is calling?!?

It's summer time people. You know the time of year that comes after spring and before fall? When the kids are out of school and it stays light until 9p. Ringing any bells?

To me summer time is for being outside late playing, being up late watching TV, reading or talking with my girlfriend AND sleeping late. Are you seeing any word pattern at all? It's the word late for those of you who are not on the ball.

SO why oh why does my phone ring at least three times BEFORE 9 am? I don't want to switch banks, have new gutters put on the house, my lawn aerated or fertilized. I don't even want to know about a recall that Chevy is having on the vehicle that I myself drive if it's before 9 am.

So for anyone who may be considering calling my house it better be at or very near 911 status if it is before the above mentioned time. If the importance of the call does not qualify then please folks try to contain your excitement about talking to me until later in the morning. At least until school is back in session.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Mom and Dad YOU can call at anytime for any reason!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It may cause....

“Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now.” I’m sure you are familiar with that catchy little tune. It's the jingle for Detrol the medication used to help an estimated 17 million people who are afflicted with an overactive bladder. This is just one of the MANY medications you can see advertised on TV, it seems that there is something for everything these days.

So take these helpful little goodies but beware it may cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pain, hair loss, bleeding gums, sleeplessness, fatigue, blurred vision, tooth decay, bleeding ears, fingernail erosion. But remember you won’t pee your pants.

I’m not sure which would be the lesser of the two evils. Having to wear adult diapers or put up with all of the above mentioned.

Every one of the drugs that are supposed to help you in one way causes you nothing but aggravation in so many others. Do you mean to tell me that with all the research that goes on every single day they cannot come up with a remedy for a condition that doesn’t cause so many other complications? I have a hard time believing that. This medication happens to be approved by the FDA but I’m not sure how many of the others are.

After several months on the market you will be sitting on your couch watching TV and a commercials comes on. Only this time it is to inform you that the drug you have been taking to help with your overactive bladder condition is off the market. See NOW they have found it causes cancer or some other horrific illness. Then they tell you to contact your attorney because you are going to sue the pharmaceutical company that produces the drug. It’s all a big racket! The drug makers get rich, the insurance companies and attorney’s get more then their share too. What stinks is that it is all at the consumer/publics expense.

I say take two aspirin and call me in the morning!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes...

We were sitting in a pizzeria enjoying our lunch. Honey the kids and myself were all looking at the pictures on the wall and other very neat stuff that was there and having great conversation. Mina the amazing observer that she is leans over the table in my direction and says “Mommy, what is in that ladies belly?” Well as you could imagine my eyes grew wide and I put my finger to my mouth in a motion to shush her. I hadn’t even taken the time to look around and see who it was she was looking at. Knowing Mina I thought it best to arrest the situation before I took the time to find out exactly what and to whom she was referring. Thank goodness she didn’t point!

Once everything was under control I slowly looked around in the direction she indicated and saw four tremendous people sitting at a table. I think there was a table under all that food. I mean these folks were not just a little over weight or chunky or even plain fat. The word I used I believe describes it perfectly….tremendous. (Salena and I have decided that is the word to use when there is nothing-bigger….lol)

I turned back and looked into the sweet face of my daughter and just burst into laughter. She asked again “Mommy, what is in her belly a baby?” I was thinking how kind she was in saying baby it should have been babies. Man, I was laughing hysterically at this point and hubby was quickly becoming more and more uncomfortable. Michael he could have cared less he was happily eating his pizza.

So here it goes. I proceed to try and tell my little inquirer just what was in her belly. “Mina, no there is no baby in her belly there is just food in there.” Her response was “really?” I told her “yes, that she really enjoyed eating and that it was the food in her belly that made it look big like that.” The look on her face just said it ALL puzzlement and uncertainty. I asked her “do you understand?” The only thing she said was “man there must be a LOT of food in there” and went back to eating her pizza.

I’m telling you that there is never a dull moment!!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

"Wake up we HAVE to know"

Crazy? I’ll give you crazy. I suppose it won’t be that surprising since it is coming from Salena and me.

We were on line last night just chit-chatting and Salena asked me “what does Mina call Capri pants again?” Well, I couldn’t remember right off the top of my head and Salena, please forget her. She can’t remember what she had for lunch. So we just guessed and laughed and continued talking. I all the while was thinking, “hm, I should go in and wake Mina up and ask her.” As soon as that thought went through my head I was reading it. Salena just typed what I thought, scary AND a whole other blog. Keep in mind that it was 11:30p….lol!

So because neither one of us could wait until morning to get this very important information from our sleeping beauty I went in and gave it a shot. I shook her and asked “Mina can you get up and talk to Mommy for a minute?” I was whispering to her as if I didn’t want to wake her and that is exactly what I was trying to do. Go figure. After several repeats of that question she finally shook her head NO! I think there was a groan and huh too along with the poor thing raising her eyebrows to try and open her eyes. Needless to say I was unsuccessful. I was relaying my mission status to Salena and we both decided that we better wait until morning. Do to the fact that the intelligence we would have received we were sure would not have been accurate and that would just not do.

Now Salena not having any children of her own this far I could see having such a ridiculous request and fully expecting to have it done. Me on the other hand being a Mother of two and knowing JUST what it’s like to get a child to sleep I’m not sure where my mind was. I have had sleepless nights and all the frustrations of little ones not going to sleep or staying that way. Man oh man what WAS I thinking. Those days are behind me though. My sleepless nights and nights of interruption were when my babies were babies. Now they sleep like stones and can have all the racket of heavy equipment and lights of Luna Park right in their rooms and not stir in the least. Just ask Salena, she knows.

My kids on average wake up very pleasant so you can see that coupled with the fact that we just had to know the temptation was just more then we could overcome.

I suppose some would say that was being mean but for me… way. My kids know how I am and pretty much expect the unexpected. There is plenty of fun and laughter in our home daily and that will be just another thing to laugh about and share with them when they got older.

Life is for building memories and my kids and family ARE my life. You know what I mean?

By the way, Mina calls Capri pants Sepri pants!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Then and Now...

“All new born babies look THAT way.” What way is that? A mushy, blotchy pointy-headed little creature with wrinkles that just won’t quit? Well, let me tell you I AGREE! Of course now I agree but then? Then they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

When having Michael I unfortunately was unable to get passed six centimeters. So after twelve hours of waiting a C-section was welcomed. Not that the labor was bad I was smart and got the epidural. I was more tired then anything and wanted to have the baby already. At that point he was still just “the baby” we had no idea we were having a boy. Because of the operation I was not able to see him until after I came out of recovery so Daddy got him and I had to wait. Man, it seemed like forever. When they finally brought Michael to me the thing that I remember thinking first was how much he looked like his Daddy. I mean THAT is all I could think I was just mesmerized by his tiny little face. I remember staring at him for hours. He was amazing!

January 1999

July 2005
Mina was a whole other story. I really wanted to deliver her so my fingers were crossed when we arrived at the hospital. Again I was not at all into being brave and got the epidural so labor was great. Things were moving along just fine and the nurse told me that I was a seven. You could just imagine my excitement. Well, it wasn’t long after that I was told that I was ready to “push” and I was saying to myself “man push, I never did that before.” So, I had three practice pushes with the nurse and three with the doctor and there she was. I wanted her immediately after I delivered but they wanted to clean her up some before hand. I wasn’t too thrilled about that but at least we were both still in the same room. With her the thing I remember thinking first was how soft her little forehead felt to my cheek and her smell, so sweet and new. I couldn't believe I had a daughter and she WAS beautiful.

December 2000

June 2005

As you can see stud boy and I look a little differently too. However, I think the years have been good to honey he is more handsome now that he is older. I have to say I don’t think he looked all that great with hair but he does have the same sweet face. I love his baldhead all tanned and shiny and the roughness of his face. To me he is just beautiful.

June 1981

June 2005

Me, I am still me. Certainly older but sad to say NOT much wiser….lol! I’m still always off and running and willing to try anything new. There are quite a few years between those picture, has I’m sure you can tell. But my mind and actions are still that of the young girl holding the yellow flower. I believe you are as old as you think you are. I don’t think I’m still 17 but 25 maybe….LOL!!!

June 1983

June 2005

We all look so different but still the same!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

"Let Freedom Ring"

I’ve heard people say that the flag is nothing but a piece of material. To me it is much more than that. Not only do I think it is visually beautiful, I love what it represents. Our nations freedom, independence and the lives that where lost fighting for what this country was founded on. When I see a flag waving high against a blue sky it makes me proud to be an American and grateful for the wonderful country in which I live. Sure it is not without it faults, still there is nowhere else I’d rather live and raise my family.

"Freedom will not live beyond our willingness to die”

So I am thankful to the men and women who service this country in our armed forces. For the personal sacrifice and willingness to place their lives on the line to maintain the freedoms that my family and I enjoy.

God HAS blessed American!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

What IS IT they are trying to sell?!?

Commercials at the very least are annoying and are disliked by most TV watchers. However, they are necessary. If we want to continue having this type of entertainment piped into our homes and keep all those highly paid executives in their current positions then we need those nagging little interruptions.

That is not the part that bothers me though. The part that I just can’t seem to get into my head is that I have to watch the entire commercial in order to find out what it is they are advertising. There is no indication at all in the beginning of the commercial of what product they will be talking about. Worse yet the person in the commercial is doing or saying NOTHING that is at all related. I have sat intentionally in front of the TV just to look at commercials and a large part of them are exactly that way……I just don’t get it.

What ever happened to “Madge” the nice lady that was actually washing dishing to advertise for Palmolive dishwashing soap? Not only did it make me want to buy the soap because it was going to “leave my hands feeling soft.” I wanted her in my kitchen doing the dishes.

Then there was Buster Brown and his faithful little dog friend. He was plastered all over the shoe store and on the actual shoe. So there was not doubt about what he was selling.

One of my favorites of all time, Mr. Owl! The wise little fella who wanted to know “how many licks it would take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?” He was holding the lollipop so again no question of what he wanted you to buy.

I don’t know about the rest of you but whenever I think of “Madge”, Buster or Mr. Owl I remember exactly what product they were connected too. More than I can say for any of the commercials today.

The one that comes to mind at the moment is a commercial with Paris Hilton. PLEASE!!!! She is in a black bathing suit with a tub of soapy water washing some expensive car. She is climbing all over the car lathering herself and the car in a very seductive manner. OK, if you have seen it then you know what the commercial is for. If not, try to guess. Was she trying to sell you the bathing suit, the expensive car, some soap product……what? Give up?!? A Hardee’s hamburger!! Can you believe that? A hamburger. AND you don’t know that until the very end of the commercial, how aggravating. I’ll tell you that Ad no more makes me want to buy a burger from Hardee’s then it does make me want to by the car or take a bath.

The one thing is does point out is just where our society is and that people will do ANYTHING to make a buck. I know things have been this way for sometime and I’m not that naive that I don’t know “sex sell.” It's all very sad if you ask me. I ‘m just waiting for the day that my daughter who is four to ask me "what is that girl on TV doing? Taking a bath? If you know Mina you know she will be asking……LOL!

Next time you are in front of what I’m quickly beginning to think really is the “idiot box” pay attention to what they are showing in between what they are showing.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Home Improvements

This is one thing that honey and I have done ALWAYS! There has not been one year of our relationship that we weren’t tearing something down or out to replace it with something else. It just seems to be what we do……lol! This house and property are no exception we are STILL re-doing!

It is a little different this time we have the two kids to work with and around. I admit at times it seems more difficult but more often it’s a pleasure. They are both so eager to do and learn. Working with Daddy is the best thing EVER. Just ask either one of them. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not about how fast we can get something finished. I do become impatient but then catch myself because after all it’s not the structure at all that matters. We are re-doing the building but we are more importantly “building” our family. Unfortunately there are no re-do’s in the child building department of our lives. Their character, confidence, independence and their feeling safe and secure with where they are and what they are doing. Nothing is more important!

I would encourage everyone to stop putting so much emphasis on the dwelling it’s self and start concentrating on its contents…..the people!!!

My kids are and will continue to be the pride and joy of my life. I just told Salena the other day that “they just take my breath.” Meaning their zest for life and wanting to do everything ALL at once. It is amazing to watch.

As you can see Anthony spent yesterday afternoon building his son.

I was standing in the kitchen and looked out the window and this is what I saw….

Of course it CAN NOT be all work and no play. Daddy decided he would show the kids how to do a handstand OR how to get himself in the hospital.......LOL!

So what do you think? Are they ready for the next Olympics?

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