Monday, January 22, 2007

Voluminous my EYE!

It never fails, the moment I start feeling a little rushed in the morning, it happens. Right in the eye, with not even a blink, just straight it. Yes, I'm talking about the mascara brush. Nothing like a little L'oreal Paris original on the cornea at 6:45a.

Not being a girly girl, I take great pains every morning to do this. Granted, mascara and a little lip color is about as far I as go, but I do make sure it's done before leaving the house. But to rake that brush over my eye on occasion makes me wish I didn't even to that. Not only is it painful, more than likely my lashes aren't dry from the moments earlier and after slamming my eyes shut, compounded by the profuse watering, I look like I should be quarter backing in the NFL.

Now, I have to start over which thrills me completely, my coffee is cold and the kids are still looking for the library books. (Can you guess this happened to me just this morning?)

On a happier note, I can't say as I've ever left the house with my lip color on my teeth! :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

How you know it's love

I've heard it said, "I just love what I do!" Hm, I sometimes wonder if it's true love for what they are doing or are there other factors that bleed into the reason for their love. Such as, great pay, a kicking retirement plan, time shares, a cute boss, lots of vacation time, 7 minutes from home. All these, granted are positive reasons for finding what you do acceptable or even enjoyable, but are they reason enough to use that four letter word? If all those things were taken away, how would you feel about what you are doing?

This week I discovered true love. Outside of course being a wife and mother, which is my first love, I found where I truly a classroom. A classroom full of first graders with raised hands, second graders with their show and tell items, and Kindergarteners that all need help with backward "b's" and their shoelaces. For me, it's an incredible place to be. I had the privilege of working in two other buildings besides mine this week as a substitute. Now we all know this occupation comes with none of the above mentioned perks. On top of that, it makes for a bit of a hectic morning at times and I do it for next to nothing.

But you want to know a secret? I would do it for nothing, and that is how I know it's love!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The next time...

....You feel your own children are out of control or you just can't handle another moment with them, I recommend you sit in a classroom with a half dozen students all of which have various disabilities. That is where I was today. More than two were mildly autistic, one was in a wheel chair and completely dependent on his care giver......Today that was me. I fed him, changed him, played on the floor with him and sat next to him while he napped. Along with managing the rest of the students in a classroom setting and in the hallways. A challenging task but well worth my time.

So the next time you feel at your wits end, stop, look at your children, thank God for their good health and tell them just how proud you are of them.

It scares me to think these little ones in the long run may one day be lost!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thank GOD for selfsufficient children!

Since the day after Christmas, my kids have sustained life all by themselves. Well, during the day anyway. I don't know what happened. I went to bed not feeling great and woke the next morning, barely in the land of the living.

It was 8 days of 103 plus temp., chilling sweats, ears that make me feel like I'm in the abyss and a sinus infection that produced I don't even now what but there was blood involved. But alas, today I think I feel better. Not by any means good but better. Meaning, I'm in an upright position and dressed in a way that would allow me to actually leave the house.

During this entire ordeal, my children dressed and took care of their hygiene alone, fed themselves every meal (I have no idea what it was, but they are still alive), entertained and took care of each other and me. Then Honey comes home, cooks dinners, does dishes, folds and puts away laundry he washed the night before, scrubbed bathrooms and kids, stripped beds and ours several times, entertained the kids and did tuck-ins.

Today I actually made it into other rooms of the house and things are still in one piece. I even got to the kitchen, my room. I opened the dishwasher and laughed hysterically. I think Honey stood in the front lawn and threw the dishes in from an open window. It made me afraid to open the cabinets and lets just say it will be some time before I find everything again. However, I could care less, he did good. I shutter to think what it could have been like for the past 8 days.

I did, in one of my very few semi-coherent states hear Honey tell Michael....."Man Buddy, Mommy does a lot!" Let me tell you, although it was nice to hear.....It was SO not worth being so sick for that long. :(

Because I've spent so much time in a horizontal position, tonight I think I'll be sleeping standing up.

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