Monday, July 11, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes...

We were sitting in a pizzeria enjoying our lunch. Honey the kids and myself were all looking at the pictures on the wall and other very neat stuff that was there and having great conversation. Mina the amazing observer that she is leans over the table in my direction and says “Mommy, what is in that ladies belly?” Well as you could imagine my eyes grew wide and I put my finger to my mouth in a motion to shush her. I hadn’t even taken the time to look around and see who it was she was looking at. Knowing Mina I thought it best to arrest the situation before I took the time to find out exactly what and to whom she was referring. Thank goodness she didn’t point!

Once everything was under control I slowly looked around in the direction she indicated and saw four tremendous people sitting at a table. I think there was a table under all that food. I mean these folks were not just a little over weight or chunky or even plain fat. The word I used I believe describes it perfectly….tremendous. (Salena and I have decided that is the word to use when there is nothing-bigger….lol)

I turned back and looked into the sweet face of my daughter and just burst into laughter. She asked again “Mommy, what is in her belly a baby?” I was thinking how kind she was in saying baby it should have been babies. Man, I was laughing hysterically at this point and hubby was quickly becoming more and more uncomfortable. Michael he could have cared less he was happily eating his pizza.

So here it goes. I proceed to try and tell my little inquirer just what was in her belly. “Mina, no there is no baby in her belly there is just food in there.” Her response was “really?” I told her “yes, that she really enjoyed eating and that it was the food in her belly that made it look big like that.” The look on her face just said it ALL puzzlement and uncertainty. I asked her “do you understand?” The only thing she said was “man there must be a LOT of food in there” and went back to eating her pizza.

I’m telling you that there is never a dull moment!!


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