Thursday, June 30, 2005

Kentucky Down Under

I can’t say that being in any part of Kentucky would ever make me feel as though I’m visiting Australia. The “outback”, “down under” and “in the bush”…all very Aussie and not at ALL Kentucky. Maybe it should be called “KentAussie.”

Whatever they called it, it was loads of fun for the kids and honey and I enjoyed ourselves too. We were all able to see, touch and do things that we never have before. What fun, especially for the kids. Days like that makes me wish I had more than two. I see them and am just amazed at the pure joy and excitement they have for EVERY thing. Watching them run, jump and discover things for themselves is the best fun ever. Well, for me anyway. Daddy feels a little differently about that but I let them do it anyway.

Michael is so curious and wants to be independent in so many things. He would run and find a path to investigate and yell “Mom, I’ll meet you at the other end.” Off he ran and sure enough he was at the other end, waiting. Daddy, well he was turning all kinds of red because Michael wasn’t strapped to my side…! THIS is why he has high blood pressure.

Mina, she so wants to do all that her big brother does and so off she runs. She is different in the fact that she wanted to take every single baby animal home with us. Nothing from the reptile hut though. She made it very clear that she had no use for any of them. Michael volunteered to house them for her……lol!

Well, I don’t want to bore you with anymore of the details other then it was HOT and we walked our legs off. Enjoy the pictures of our day Down Under……

Don't shoot....

Me either!

Panning for Gem stones

Um Dad, a little help here....

Please DO NOT poop!

"Who you lookin' at?"

Come here birdie, birdie!

The joy of my little girl

"Man, look at all these guys."

Mina touching a corn snake

Michael wanting to hold the corn snake

Mina with a baby...

I thought Mina was going to lay down with ol' Junior....that was his name

"Daddy this thing is heavy."

"You have some big ears, you know that?"

Mina taking a break with Daddy

Michael people watching

Mina milking a cow....

Michael not so much milking the same cow

"These guys are thirsty Tyler."

Mina, just one of the crowd

Headed home.....

Thanks for visiting mate."


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