Friday, May 20, 2005

The teacher we ALL remember.....

We’ve all had them. The teacher that we remember so clearly that it seems like only yesterday we were sitting in their class. We remember how they looked, how they sounded, even how they used to mark our papers. Oh, the good old days.

This year marked the beginning of Michael’s educational career and to believe it’s almost over. I just have to say it again, “where, oh where does the time go?” He is not the same boy that started school back in August. The growth and the learning are astounding. Never would I have thought that he would be coming away from this year with all that he has.

Mrs. Steele, yes I’m thinking that she may be the one. I can’t even begin to say how pleased I am and what a fabulous first year she has given us, Michael more specifically. Her teaching career is not just a job I believe that it is truly her calling. Her patients and tender hand, lovingness and compassion for each and every child are remarkable. I have had the privilege of accompanying her on several field trips and participate in class parties as well as just chatting on the playground. To see her with the kids and be all knowing at all times is something. She is not only a teacher she is a magician. A wrong is made right effortlessly, a crying child stops almost instantly and where they may have been one short of something…..whaa-la there is another one. When watching such things it is nothing short of magic.

Not only did Mrs. Steele provide a wonderful learning environment for Michael she also gave me the sense of security a Mother loves when leaving her child anywhere. There was also plenty of learning for me. I enjoyed although brief very stimulating conversations with Mrs. Steele. I always came away with something good to think about or apply in my own life. Her spiritual foundation is solid, one that overflows into her teaching, as I’m sure everything else she does.

I know there will be many more teachers in the lives of my children. But I know as sure as I sit here today that this Kindergarten teacher will be “The teacher that we ALL remember.”


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