Thursday, May 19, 2005

Reaping what we Sow

Even the people that scoff the Bible I know believe this verse. It is not only common sense but it’s there in black and white. I personally believe everything that the Bible says but for those of you that don’t I know you believe this. It’s even been heard said. Job 4:8 “As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it.”

People want what they want out of life, be it short term or long. Whether it is a project, a class they are taking, job or promotion, raising kids or having relationships with others. All of these must have an active party in it. I’m sorry to have to inform you but things just do not happen all by themselves for the most part. You have to be involved. You want an “A” on the project or in the class, so get busy. You want that promotion, then don’t just sit there and wait for it. Get off your duff and go get it. You want children that are kind, giving respectful and a pleasure to be around, then TEACH them. And what did you say? You want to have healthy relationships with people that are important to you, so start building.

I’m appalled at how often I hear “ they just don’t treat me the way they should” or “I didn’t get the job I wanted” or “why didn’t I get to do this or that?” Well, more often than not, the efforts just weren’t there. They want what they want. But refuse to do anything to get it.

So my thought is this. You want it then go and get it. You want to enjoy good, healthy and loving relationships with people then start building them. Our children are the next in line. If you want to have adult children that love and respect you and others then start teaching them that now. And has parents we are to do the same thing for them even at this young age. Love them, encourage them, praise them in ALL that they do and most of all discipline them. A very wise man once told me “love your children 100% and discipline them 100% and you’ll never loose your balance.” That man is my Dad……and yes he is JUST that wise.

If you think at all that you may not like what you will be reaping next week, next month or anytime later in life you can change it. Start planting different seeds and begin tending more closely your gardens. I too had some seed changing to do and even had to pull out plants that had already started growing. It was hard and I didn’t like doing it but it will be well worth all my efforts. When I see the beautiful flourishing plants that are in my gardens, these gardens are the sweet lives of my children.

It is just heart breaking to see people working there entire lives to just regret what they are now reaping. This happens because they were not paying close enough attention to what they were sowing.

Sowing or sewing, watch out for that needle it could get you!!


Anonymous Jen's Sister said...

Hi, Shell, Jen's sister Cate here. This point of view rocks my socks! I'm tempted to print this out and slide it under my 17-year-old stepson's door. Love all the pix of your babies, too! Do you have an email address? Mine is TTFN!

8:57 PM  

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