Sunday, May 15, 2005

How Fast They Grow!!

I often look at my kids and stand in amazement of how quickly they are growing. It seems as though it were only last month that I was bringing them home from the hospital. A couple of weeks ago they were learning how to walk and cutting teeth. And it was just last week that they were learning how to say their own names.

Now, it’s ball, bikes, and ballet, reading to ME and loosing teeth. My goodness, how does that happen? I would like to know just how long my head was turned that I missed it. Not really missing it just not noticing that is was happening right before my eyes. It’s amazing truly amazing.

Just yesterday Michael came to me and said “Mommy, I have a loose tooth on the bottom.” WOW!! A tooth that will be falling out the “right” way how exciting? I really think that I will remember how they look right now at this time in their life but come on who am I kidding? Their little “original” smiles. The ones they have before teeth begin falling out. The way their little hands hold a pencil or spoon.

Even the size of their toes, today. I know it may seem a bit odd but I want to know and be able to see what they looked like today, ten years from now.

I’ve decided to take pictures of some things that are specific so that will be possible. I believe the kids too will enjoy seeing them in later years.

Before we know it they will be grown and gone and all the sweet little things along with them. What we will be left with are the memories of how they looked and things they said. I think it important to preserve all we can of these precious times of our children. They are gone all to quickly just because of “How Fast They Grow.”


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