Sunday, May 15, 2005

Is it ambana or bambana??

So, summer time is approaching and on some days I'm convinced it's here. On this particular Sunday afternoon, Anthony the event coordinator that he is "has a plan". He is going to bring us all to 8th Ave. to see a Harley bike rally but without the kids knowing. It was nearly lunch time (that is whenever Daddy is hungry) and it was getting warm so into Mrs. Winner's we go. This is a chicken joint that is held in high regard here in Tennessee. Now, if you ask my Dad there is no other. If it isn't 'KFC' it just isn't chicken.

We're having lunch and Daddy is now priming the kids for all the up coming excitement. He's asking Michael "wouldn't it be cool if we saw like a thousand motorcycles go by?" "It would be great if we saw Ricky drive by with a couple of his friends, huh?" Ricky is a friend that has a Harley, a beautiful one at that and rides in the Rallies.

"Yo! Mom, now that we have the head gear straighened out how 'bout buttonin' my pants?"

We just break out the vittles and here they come. Bike after bike after bike after bike. Michael's eyes grew into flying saucers, I mean if it were dark out he would have been identified as a "UFO". He looked at Anthony with some confusion and asked "Daddy, are all these Ricky's friends?" I could see his point, look what his father JUST said to him. Well, being inside just wasn't good enough. I hear "honey, stay here and guard the food, I'm taking the kids out to the sidewalk." I mean really, it's NOT like it's 'KFC' or anything. Out they go and there I sit with a family pack of 8 watching through plate glass. It was worth it, the sitting alone, the high pressure of standing guard over the family meal and having passers by looking at me like I was lost. Very hungry and lost. Just to see the excitement of the kids and to see that moment being shared with their Dad.

They actually saw Ricky and were able to finish their lunch.

Aunt Jemima OR Michael?

Back at the ranch there was a peice of furniture that Ant made for the mudroom that needed to be moved. Mind you it was as long as his truck. I'm thinking man oh man, he really believes I can help him move this? I was also thinking he's insane and I'm NOT! After seeing the beads of sweat on my forehead he so kindly informed me that he had help. Joe was coming, WHEW!!!

Joe arrives sporting a "dew rag", something that the kids are familiar with. Honey wears them all summer due to the fact that there is no longer the natural scalp protection that most of us still enjoy. Michael comes running up the walk "Mommy, I want a bandana". There is a mad search and "whaa-la" he emerges with one in his hand. Of course Mina is hot on his heels in need of the same thing. "Mommy, I want a ambana too." I giggle and say that it is a bandana. "Ok, Mommy, can I have one?" Another search and she too had a successful mission. "Mommy, here can you put on this bambana for me?" Now it's a belly laugh. Tyler with her eyes wide and her head tilted and the certainty that one of them were correct asks "what is it again, a ambana or bambana?" I squeezed her tight and told her again that they were bandanas. Just today I asked her what they were and guess what she said........


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