Monday, May 16, 2005

Who is to say whose wasting time?

The comment made more than I care to hear is:

“I think you must have too much time on your hands.”

What these people are basically saying is that in their opinion, you are wasting time. Now, what I would like to know is exactly who are they to say. It seems to me as though, if you are not cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, washing the car or doing laundry you are doing nothing but wasting time. Don’t let anyone hear that you are doing something that you truly enjoy. If they catch wind of such a thing, be prepared for the infamous “too much time” gammit.

No matter the interest, canning, sewing, gardening, picture taking, painting, teaching a VBS class or even volunteering your services you could be accused of such an act.

I personally don’t care much about tinkering with old cars but I know men that do. I also don’t have much interest in sewing or quilting but I know women that have. The fact that my interests do not lie in these areas does not make these activities any less important to such people. It would never occur to me to even think never mind say that they were wasting their time.

What to do with people that do not think you are using your time wisely because you are not being productive? Or they themselves have no interest in your activity. Should they deter you from continuing to do the things you enjoy? I certainly hope not.

The next time you have this overwhelming urge to accuse someone of wasting time perhaps you could rethink it. Even follow their lead by spending a little time each day doing something you truly enjoy. You will be amazed how much happier you will be.

My hat is off to the women who know how to stop for coffee with a girlfriend to discuss the joys of raising children. And the men who stop by the neighbors to talk about how the fishing has been lately over a glass of tea.

After all what is this life that we are living worth if we don’t take time to LIVE any of it.


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