Monday, May 16, 2005

Addition to the Fa-moooo-ly!

That’s right you heard me. Our family has increased again by one. We received a phone call this afternoon from the neighbors near our farm. The news was that one of our little ladies down there had a calf. Apparently, she gave birth some time late last night or very early this morning. They were at the farm hauling some dirt and thought “hmmmm, that looks like a pretty big dog over there.” After closer inspection they discovered it was a calf.

One of these is now called Mom!

We purchased these heifers last fall but didn’t know any of them were bred. What a surprise! I’m sure it wasn’t much of a surprise for Mama. I mean she sure knew she was expecting, especially after going into labor. It is quite an experience, witnessing the birth of a calf. I remember at my brother Marks farm years ago when he had one calving. Talk about something that looked painful, man oh man!! If anyone was on the fence about whether they were going to have children or not, that would have solved it.

Our bull Sampson but NOT Daddy

Honey is proud of his new herd member. He was so excited to hear of the new delivery that I actually thought he was going to start passing out cigars. Imagine a boy out of the Bronx raising Angus. Who would have thought such a thing? I have to admit he is quite the farmer. He reads everything he can get his hands on and does more research then anyone else I know. He is a very informed farm boy.

The kids are all excited too. Michael wanted to know if it was a “bull” or “cow” and Mina just wanted to see it “right now.” I know in her little mind she is thinking, " baby, I little baby cow.” She is visualizing a stroller, bottles, etc. She is just a little Mommy.

Daddy better keep on building those kitchens, we have another mouth to feed.


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