Thursday, June 23, 2005

My "Top Ten"

Not only have I given in to doing this blog thing I have apparently agreed to do this “Top Ten” thing too. I was told that I needed to do one and look I did it. Man oh man; you could almost think I don’t have a mind of my own…lol! It started out the top 100 but please I’m certain that I couldn’t do that. That is asking WAY too much, just ask Salena. I can barely bring myself to complete a questionnaire, ugh.

Although, it seems everywhere you look these days everything has a top ten or more. Hollywood, sports, designers, hospitals, vehicles and the list could go on and on. So why not add me to the list?

Well, here goes…… My Top Ten favorite things! They are NOT in order of importance.

1. Hearing my kids giggle
2. The smell of freshly cut grass

3. Hot showers
4. Seeing honey come in the driveway after a days work

5. Watching my kids sleep. (You should see ALL the pictures)

6. Clean sheets
7. Sitting in church on Sunday morning with my family
8. Spending time talking and laughing with Salena. (More laughing than anything)
9. Taking pictures

10. Finding places to volunteer my time

There you have it. Nothing compared to Hollywood and it’s best dressed but at least now I’m officially in the loop of all who compose “top tens.”


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