Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Everyone on the count of three....

One, two, three cheeeeeese! Yes, that is the professional method used to get people to smile in a picture. A picture, that means there is a camera in the area, yeah a camera. I have grown to realize that these image freezing contraptions were the best things ever invented.

People have used them for years and years my family included. I remember my Dad having one that was a rectangle black box with the actually flashcube on top that turned when he took the picture. Those where all turned into slides so we never did get to see the pictures that were taken. However, Dad was great about having family slide shows regularly for all of us to enjoy. Then as I recall we upgraded to the Polaroid. Remember those?? Point, shoot and the pictures comes flying out the bottom. Then there was thing said like “don’t touch the print” “watch it’s still wet” and “hold it on the edges until it dries” and EVERYONE would walk around waving it in the air to help speed up the actual development. Not to mention that the camera itself was the size of a television being worn around your neck and the film, man the film was like putting a pop tart in the television. You needed a suitcase to carry your picture taking gear around with you. Man, how funny!

Well, since then thing have come a long way and I have completely got on board with it all. I enjoyed my 35mm cameras that I’ve owned and took plenty of pictures. Never really liked the whole development process though. How many of us have rolls and rolls around the house that have never even been developed? I know I had them.

NO MORE!!!! I have become a digital camera picture-taking freak. See, to me it’s more then a camera. It is a way to freeze a moment in time…any moment. It actually stops what ever is happening forever in your image. I mean how great is that? We all know that life goes on and stops for no one but we can all freeze and save little pieces along the way thanks to the camera. We look back on these pictures and tell stories that are related and are brought back instantly to the time of the event. It’s amazing how that happens. Taking pictures allows people that are not with you regularly or that are to young to remember at the time it’s happening to become part of the “moment.” To me there is nothing better. What a wonderful way to share your life with people that you love.

I have recently acquired a new digital camera from my wonderful husband for my 40th birthday. With the help of Salena they both devised a plan for the purchase. The final sale was made, a Fuji FinePix 5100 it’s beautiful and I LOVE IT!!! I have had a couple before this one and loved them both equally for the time that I had them. These digital miracles of technology are amazing to me. To be able to see the picture immediately after taking the shot and deleting if you want is just enough to twist my mine.

I have become so taken with this picture taking business that I almost feel like I should be seeking help for my condition. I go NOWHERE without my camera and have hundreds of pictures, most of which are of my kids but hey what better subjects to shoot.

I think by now you have an idea about how I feel about my camera and the absolute joy it brings me on a daily basis. I am not at all into material things and don’t put much emphasis on things that money can buy. However, I must admit that besides my Bible my camera is my most valued item.

If you don’t already have a camera and use it I encourage you to get one and start. It is unbelievable the fun and excitement that comes with it. Besides, how much fun will it be in later years to sit with your children and grandchild or others that are important to you and look back and remember when?



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