Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The "not so northern" Yankee!

Yes of course I am talking about our son Michael. Certainly you didn’t think I was referring to myself or worse yet my husband. We are truly “Yankee’s” and are reminded of that regularly.

Michael played ball this year for the first time and was placed on the Yankee’s. Naturally we couldn’t of been happier that he was representing our neck of the woods. You can just hear all the ribbing at the ball field now can’t you??

It was a great experience for Michael. He had a good season and was awarded the game ball four times for his performance and efforts. The team was the league champs and second in the tournament play. I believe he just may play again in the fall. For me?? Well, for me it was great fun. I was asked to be a “dugout” Mom because of my enormous enthusiasm for the game. I loved it. I cheered and jumped up and down like a lunatic and doled out more hugs and pats then I could ever count. Those little boys were amazing and just loved to be out there playing ball.

It’s not the kids that are hard to deal with. It’s the parents and the coaches that need to be reprimanded. I have to say I knew it happened and I expected it to a degree but man oh man. It is completely out of control. If you didn’t know better you would have thought these kids were in the World Series and it was the seventh gamed every night. I’m just beside myself with the behavior of the majority of people that are in attendance. It’s just NO GOOD! I want to know WHEN it stopped being about the kids and started being about the egos of the adults. See, I’ve learned that the kids could really careless if they win or not. It’s the coaches and parents that want the win and the star of the team because it makes THEM look good. The sad thing is that they do this ALWAYS at the expense of the kid. Seeing a 6 year old walking of the field crying because was tagged out and eye’s filling with tears because he “blew” a play is WRONG!!!! These little guys are out there doing their best and having a good time. They are cultivating friendship, learning how to be coached and how to play as a team. These are the things that are preparing them for the future NOT the screams of parents that have gone off the deep end, NOT whether they won a game at the age of 6 and NOT whether they popped out at first. Man, I just don’t get it. Why do these people not see what they are doing to their kids and why are they stealing all their joy of playing with friends.

I know we have many more years ahead of us with sports and other endeavors and that this is just the beginning. I plan to let Michael play whatever his little heart desires and do as I did this year. Be there to just dole out the hugs and pats and words of encouragement for him and any other little guy who may be in my reach.

After all it is just a game!!!


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