Monday, June 20, 2005

The Circle of Life

And so it is. We’re born, we live and then we die. The only things that really matter is what we do while we’re here because we truly all take the same path. No one lives forever.

It has become so clear to me this year while teaching my Vacation Bible School class. I have been working with the Preschool and Kindergarten age kids and what a treat it has been. I’m sure that they are my favorite age group. They are so innocent and so willing to listen and believe everything that you have to say. Just little sponges, sucking it ALL in. They are just beginning and have their whole lives ahead of them and need the help and guidance of all us adults. I do believe in the “it takes a village to raise a child” theory. They are all of our responsibility.

Before we know it they are teenagers in high school and working through all the struggles and temptations of being just that….teenagers. Again, we are to be there to guide and direct the best we can without stealing their independence. It’s very hard to find that balance. The fear of failing our kids can become overwhelming along with the idea of them being hurt can almost get to be too much. I believe, not that you care but it IS my blog so I get to say it anyway. I believe that the biggest part of all this is instinctual. Some how it’s gotten way off track with everyone having all this “higher” education. It’s NOT about anything that you find in a book.

Then we are ME. A 40 year old Mother of two with a wonderful husband, great friends and a terrific family. Just working everyday to make our way. All the time remembering that it’s what we do while we’re here that matters because we are now middle age and God willing half way through our lives. A good time to look back and see just what it is that we have done and what we may want to change in the second half. It’s funny, Salena and I just said the other night, “man there are things that I sure wish I didn’t do.” Well, we can’t change them just learn from them and go on. Now that “half-time” is over it’s time to forge ahead……….

I tell you just close your eyes for a second and you are in your “Golden” years with grown children and with any luck a couple of grandchildren running around. The very unfortunate thing about all this is that today many are not in good health. Bringing me to the point of this babbling blog.

Now that the loving parents that have cared for us all those years are older it is our turn. That’s right you heard me, OUR turn. Just like our children will one day have theirs. Believe it or not it IS our responsibility.

About two years ago I had the privilege of meeting a family that is in this very situation. They have become great friends and a wonderful part of my family’s life. Debbie’s Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about three years ago. It has been a very rough road for the family and her especially. She decided to take the responsibility of caring for her Dad on herself and see to it that he has all that is needed for him to be able to stay in his home. Debbie has been the primary caregiver but has had the unfailing support of her husband, Mother and every other family member. She was willing to turn her life completely upside down to the point of relocating her family to be with her parents. She has taken on the role of parent to her Dad, I mean truly caring for his every need. Being a Mother of a young family this is no easy task yet she has made the sacrifice and total commitment to do it. I admire her for all that she has done and continues do. It seems that Mr. Burton is nearing the end of his journey and will be going home soon. And thanks to his loving daughter’s commitment and the love and support of his entire family he is able to spend his last moments in the comfort of his own home surrounded by the people that love him most.

Makes you stop and think, doesn’t it? What would you do? How would you respond to the people that did the very same thing for you at the time in your life when you couldn’t do for yourself? I know her rewards will be great and she will have the peace of knowing that she stood by her principals in spite of her own personal sacrifice.

What an example to us all.


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