Wednesday, June 29, 2005


On Friday evening at about 8:37p Mr. Burton past away. Surrounded by his entire family they sang him into heaven. Just that morning Mrs. Burton told him “to go ahead and put down your hoe and go walk the streets of gold.” He was a dear man that I feel very privileged to have known. Although, our relationship was not long nor was he in the best of health from the very beginning I fully enjoyed every moment I spent with him. I especially loved when he would ask where I was from. My response to him was New York and he would so boldly say “NEW YORK?” He would have the tone that suggested I should say any other place in the country but there…!

Mr. Burton was laid to rest Monday afternoon. The service was held at the First Baptist Church where he was a member. No more eloquent words could have been said that afternoon they made me proud to be a Christian and an American. I will truly miss him and feel very blessed to have known him.

I Loving Memory of
Joe Randall Burton, Sr.

“Just One Leg to Stand On”

Just one leg to stand on,
Since nineteen forty-five
He sacrificed for his country
To keep our freedoms alive

Just one leg to stand on
Yet a farmer he became
No task ever stopped him…
That was part of the Burton name!

Just one leg to stand on
With hands so big and strong,
We learned he could do anything;
He helped us all along.

Jut one leg to stand on,
Still in declining years
His faith and strength of character
We saw through all the tears

Just one leg to stand on,
But now the grand kids say,
“Pa’s got two leg in heaven!”
What a glorious day!

We’ll dance with Daddy in heaven;
He’ll swing us all around!
Two legs now to stand on!
God’s glory we have found!

By Dianna Burton Lewis
June 24, 2005

Mr. Burton’s oldest daughter


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my name is Lonny burton. My sister's name is Dianna burton, which led me to your site. My grandfather, William Ross Burton also fought in WWII and took shrapnel home with him. He was a farmer, and an honest good man. He passed away in December four years ago. Just thought I would give you a comment on common ground.
I did enjoy your site.

9:44 PM  

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