Friday, June 24, 2005

Another "Top Ten"

Hm, it seems that I’m stuck in this “top ten” mode. Yesterday was about the things that I really enjoy and today it’s about the injustices that really TICK ME OFF!!! It’s amazing to me that what I’m about to list really IS. I have discussed some of them with friends and feel very passionate about the issues and what I’m saying. However, I haven’t yet figured out how to go about rectifying any them. I also haven’t given up either. Surly I know that can’t save the world and am very limited with what I can change even in my small list. BUT, I will come up with something and when I do you all will be the first to know and will be recruited to helping in my effort……so get ready!

1. VA hospitals being among the worse health care facilities EVER.
2. Homes for the elderly across the country are in poorer condition then most animal shelters. AND staffed for the most part with people that could careless about what they are doing. It’s JUST a job.
3. Teacher salaries are less then that of our garbage men. Not at all that these men are bad people but lets face it they are just taking out the trash. NOT teaching, molding and preparing our children for their future. Heck, athletes are a better example of how twisted our pay scales are. At least the garbage men are performing a service.
4. Senior citizens are not able to afford to fill or refill prescriptions. WHY, WHY, WHY?????
5. People will have cars, clothes, and jewelry among other things far beyond their means but still they have them. Yet they are on state insurance and welfare. My question is HOW?
6. Parents that want the best for their children, re; education, athletics, even behavioral issues. Yet they refuse to participate on any level. Go figure.
7. People that complain about the cost of living but continue to buy beer, cigarettes and even drugs. Never mind all the other unnecessary crap that is purchased on a daily basis. Add all that up and then see where you are. Better yet QUIT before you open your mouth next time.
8. Parents who think because they worry incessantly about their kids they care more about them then say us NORMAL parents care about ours. Please, lighten up and let your kids enjoy being kids. You’ll see how much fun it is even for you.
9. People with the attitude that it is someone else’s responsibility regardless of the task. “Let someone else do it.” How sorry are they?
10. People who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Finger pointers.

Alright….I think I feel a little bit better. Some may not agree with what I’ve said but tough it’s my blog. If you want to have a say then start your own and you can list your top ten. Sorry, until then you are stuck with mine.


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