Thursday, July 07, 2005

Then and Now...

“All new born babies look THAT way.” What way is that? A mushy, blotchy pointy-headed little creature with wrinkles that just won’t quit? Well, let me tell you I AGREE! Of course now I agree but then? Then they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

When having Michael I unfortunately was unable to get passed six centimeters. So after twelve hours of waiting a C-section was welcomed. Not that the labor was bad I was smart and got the epidural. I was more tired then anything and wanted to have the baby already. At that point he was still just “the baby” we had no idea we were having a boy. Because of the operation I was not able to see him until after I came out of recovery so Daddy got him and I had to wait. Man, it seemed like forever. When they finally brought Michael to me the thing that I remember thinking first was how much he looked like his Daddy. I mean THAT is all I could think I was just mesmerized by his tiny little face. I remember staring at him for hours. He was amazing!

January 1999

July 2005
Mina was a whole other story. I really wanted to deliver her so my fingers were crossed when we arrived at the hospital. Again I was not at all into being brave and got the epidural so labor was great. Things were moving along just fine and the nurse told me that I was a seven. You could just imagine my excitement. Well, it wasn’t long after that I was told that I was ready to “push” and I was saying to myself “man push, I never did that before.” So, I had three practice pushes with the nurse and three with the doctor and there she was. I wanted her immediately after I delivered but they wanted to clean her up some before hand. I wasn’t too thrilled about that but at least we were both still in the same room. With her the thing I remember thinking first was how soft her little forehead felt to my cheek and her smell, so sweet and new. I couldn't believe I had a daughter and she WAS beautiful.

December 2000

June 2005

As you can see stud boy and I look a little differently too. However, I think the years have been good to honey he is more handsome now that he is older. I have to say I don’t think he looked all that great with hair but he does have the same sweet face. I love his baldhead all tanned and shiny and the roughness of his face. To me he is just beautiful.

June 1981

June 2005

Me, I am still me. Certainly older but sad to say NOT much wiser….lol! I’m still always off and running and willing to try anything new. There are quite a few years between those picture, has I’m sure you can tell. But my mind and actions are still that of the young girl holding the yellow flower. I believe you are as old as you think you are. I don’t think I’m still 17 but 25 maybe….LOL!!!

June 1983

June 2005

We all look so different but still the same!!!


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