Saturday, July 09, 2005

"Wake up we HAVE to know"

Crazy? I’ll give you crazy. I suppose it won’t be that surprising since it is coming from Salena and me.

We were on line last night just chit-chatting and Salena asked me “what does Mina call Capri pants again?” Well, I couldn’t remember right off the top of my head and Salena, please forget her. She can’t remember what she had for lunch. So we just guessed and laughed and continued talking. I all the while was thinking, “hm, I should go in and wake Mina up and ask her.” As soon as that thought went through my head I was reading it. Salena just typed what I thought, scary AND a whole other blog. Keep in mind that it was 11:30p….lol!

So because neither one of us could wait until morning to get this very important information from our sleeping beauty I went in and gave it a shot. I shook her and asked “Mina can you get up and talk to Mommy for a minute?” I was whispering to her as if I didn’t want to wake her and that is exactly what I was trying to do. Go figure. After several repeats of that question she finally shook her head NO! I think there was a groan and huh too along with the poor thing raising her eyebrows to try and open her eyes. Needless to say I was unsuccessful. I was relaying my mission status to Salena and we both decided that we better wait until morning. Do to the fact that the intelligence we would have received we were sure would not have been accurate and that would just not do.

Now Salena not having any children of her own this far I could see having such a ridiculous request and fully expecting to have it done. Me on the other hand being a Mother of two and knowing JUST what it’s like to get a child to sleep I’m not sure where my mind was. I have had sleepless nights and all the frustrations of little ones not going to sleep or staying that way. Man oh man what WAS I thinking. Those days are behind me though. My sleepless nights and nights of interruption were when my babies were babies. Now they sleep like stones and can have all the racket of heavy equipment and lights of Luna Park right in their rooms and not stir in the least. Just ask Salena, she knows.

My kids on average wake up very pleasant so you can see that coupled with the fact that we just had to know the temptation was just more then we could overcome.

I suppose some would say that was being mean but for me… way. My kids know how I am and pretty much expect the unexpected. There is plenty of fun and laughter in our home daily and that will be just another thing to laugh about and share with them when they got older.

Life is for building memories and my kids and family ARE my life. You know what I mean?

By the way, Mina calls Capri pants Sepri pants!


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