Saturday, July 23, 2005

The horrors of a "6" year old....

So my girlfriend has been doing a lot of traveling here lately, I mean A LOT. I think she has been to 42 states so far. Well, she decided that all along the way she would pick up post cards to send to the kids and their collection is growing weekly. Not only does she send cards but cool things she thinks they will like also. This particular item was T-shirts from Boston. Now being from somewhat near that part of the country it is very possible that my son could be a Red Sox fan. Since he is only six his very calculated method of selecting his favorite team is by his favorite color and this week it happens to be red.

The shirt comes and I go through the whole Red Sox explanation about them being a big baseball team and won the World Series blah, blah, blah. He was beyond excited and put it on right away. Later that evening he was outside but comes running in the house holding his chest crying so immediately I ask him what happen. He didn't answer me quick enough so I go to him to see what was the matter. I take his hand away from his chest and there is was! The raised white piping on his new Boston shirt was coming off. I mean the horror!

He said "Mommy, look my baseball shirt it isn't new anymore it's broken." So I try to explain that it's ok and that when I wash it more may come off. He screeches "NO! Mommy then I'm never letting you wash it, it will NEVER be washed."

Needless to say that little piece fell off the shirt and he grabs his head and says "Oh Mommy, what am I going to dooooo?" I told him that I would just throw it out. Grabbing his shirt with both hands he cries "you're going to throw out my new shirt?" Laughing now, I explained that I wasn't going to throw out his shirt just the little piece. I go on to tell him that the Boston Red Sox are REALLY just blue and red that the white was put on to just make it fancy. Slowly he somewhat pulls himself together and asks "are you sure?" Well, I was has sure as I could be at the moment. Now that he was feeling like he was still a member of the team he told me "Oh Mommy I thought everything was going to come off, the blue letters and EVERYTHING!" I assured him that it just won't happen and he had nothing to worry about. Man, I tell you who would have thought all this for a T-shirt?

On in the evening once he was certain in his knowing that his shirt was going to be fine he said to me "Mommy, see I just don't know somethings." I told him that he knew plenty sometimes too much. He thanked me with the biggest hug and said "thank you so much Mommy for knowing things."

Amazing to a 6 year old I'm a genius!


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