Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"Mommy Dearest"

Oh the tortuous actions of a Mother. The cruel and unusual things we do to our kids to make them do or not do something. Today Mina would have certainly called me Joan IF she had any idea who she was.

As usual we were out running the roads getting some things done. As we were out on our jaunt I just touched base with a couple of friends and it turned out that after we finished what "needed" doing we had a play date. So off we were for the rest of the afternoon the kids played and as most Moms do we sat and shot the breeze. The weather has been insanely hot and humid so we were all pretty much indoors but the kids could careless as long as they are wide open they are happy.

The afternoon just slipped away and before I knew it we were off again but this time we were headed home. The kids were hot and tired and I believe happy to be still for a second. The truck was like a crematorium when I opened the door I didn't think it would ever cool down. Michael was happy as a clam in the back just chit-chatting about his afternoon but Mina was fading fast. Her eyes were rolling in her head and her neck became rubber all in a matter of minutes. She finally speaks up and says "Mommy, I'm cold back here" so I lower the air to almost off. I told her that she could NOT go to sleep because we were just about home and for anyone who has young kids knows what I'm talking about. First it's just too late in the day for a nap and B.) it's a serious hassle getting them out of the car without a crying symphony.

So, I transformed into the infamous Joan Crawford and thought "hm, I'll keep her awake" and put the air conditioning back on and full blast. She became alert and this time shouted "Mommyyyy, I'm cold." "Well then you have to stay awake until we get home then you can lay in the couch if you want." She wasn't at all thrilled at that demand but complied the best she could and I shut the air back off. I kept checking my rearview to make sure she was upholding her end of the bargain. When I saw her eyes begin to roll I flipped on the air and her eyes would fly open wide like a deer in the headlights. This went on the entire way home!

As we were pulling into the driveway THIS is what my Mina girl looked like...

By the way after arriving home she ate a string cheese, drank a bottle of Powerade and there was no sleep to be found. AND she didn't hit the boards till after 9pm. So tell me, how tired could she have been?


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