Thursday, July 14, 2005

WHO is calling?!?

It's summer time people. You know the time of year that comes after spring and before fall? When the kids are out of school and it stays light until 9p. Ringing any bells?

To me summer time is for being outside late playing, being up late watching TV, reading or talking with my girlfriend AND sleeping late. Are you seeing any word pattern at all? It's the word late for those of you who are not on the ball.

SO why oh why does my phone ring at least three times BEFORE 9 am? I don't want to switch banks, have new gutters put on the house, my lawn aerated or fertilized. I don't even want to know about a recall that Chevy is having on the vehicle that I myself drive if it's before 9 am.

So for anyone who may be considering calling my house it better be at or very near 911 status if it is before the above mentioned time. If the importance of the call does not qualify then please folks try to contain your excitement about talking to me until later in the morning. At least until school is back in session.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Mom and Dad YOU can call at anytime for any reason!


Anonymous Christie said...

I am absolutely amazed at your ability to express yourself! I myself talk all over myself to no avail! Now to the latest "blog". You seem to be the exception. If you want to catch me, it better be early or you better know my cell phone. I am never there when you try and have been accused on several occasions in using the caller ID to ignore certain callers. (Not True!) I do stay up late and am not opposed to getting the occasional telemarketer that I will carry on a conversation with and then after 10 minutes of their valuable time, tell them I am not interested. I have been told by others that leaving the phone laying on the bed while they are talking will also fustrate them enough to take them off their list. Oh the infamous list, there's you a blog! Well have a wonderful day and look for the joy this day has to offer. with love, Christie

8:47 AM  

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