Friday, July 15, 2005

"Sleeping Beauty"

It has caused people to gasp since childhood. This thick, wirey and unmanageable head of hair has been with me all of my life. My hair was the reason for the phrase "can't do a thing with it."

I remember my Mom trying to tame it during the night by having me wear a tight ski hat to bed. Did you ever? Not only did it not work, my head felt like it was in a vise all night. Next we tried rollers. Those evil little round things with what looked like tiny toilet brushes in them that were fastened to my head with plastic toothpicks. Man talk about NOT sleeping. I took them out during the night so you can only imagine what I looked like the following morning. I believe those lasted exactly one night. Finally there were the soft little pink rollers. Remember those? Well, first of all I hated sitting there to get my head rolled before bed and second they didn't work. My hair just would not take a curl a little wave maybe but not a curl. The waves didn't do much good either. They only made me look like I intentionally did my hair that morning with an egg beater. Oh the misery!

I have never been one that was able to get out of bed in the morning and just do a little something with my hair and go. I have always had to wash it and dry it before leaving the house. You don't believe that? Please just ask anyone who has ever had the priviledge of the sight of me right out of bed and I promise they will swear under oath to it.

Hubby the gem that he is askes me endlessly "honey why don't you grow your hair long?" This coming from a man that is BALD has not idea what he is asking. So I tell him "ok, when you grow your hair back I'll grow my hair out." He usually then walks away mumbling something and I'm off the hook for another few months.

And here is the one thing that I have been asked for at least 30 years I know. "What is it that you do in your sleep?" My answer hasn't changed in all this time. I tell them "I don't know I'M SLEEPING!"

This morning to top it all off and the reason for this blog. When I woke this morning and found myself staring into the beautiful faces of my children my sweet little Mina said "Mommy, you have wild hair this morning!"

Do you think it's considered bravery posting that picture or stupidity? Well, either way there you have it!


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