Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Girls night in...

To be sitting in the Masten Lake house now....ahhh, what a pleasant thought. A quaint little place tucked in the woods so much so that if you blink you would miss it. It was small, only two bedrooms and one bath with a little living area and kitchen. In my mind I can see every room and even where most of the furniture was. As I recall it grew dust!

Salena and me 1990

Salena who was and STILL is to this day my very best friend lived in this delightful little nest and with dust and all what a great place for our "girls night in." Here is where we watched movies, flipped through volumes of Cosmo. Magazines (Salena more so then me), high-lighted our hair and practiced with false nails (again Salena more so then me.) We would spend hours talking about EVERYTHING and I do mean everything. Guys that were hot, the colognes we just loved on those hot guys, girls we didn't like, the clothes they wore, our jobs that we liked but hated the boss, the guy in the office that someone had a crush on and lots to talk about once it was acted on. We also created "laundry night" it was Thursday. After work we would gather all our laundry, go get it done maybe squeeze in a game of pool and then back home for the nights feature presentation "Knots Landing." Man, there was nothing better then clean clothes, some flirting with cute guys and watching "Knots."
Masten Lake

It may sound like simple things to do and I guess they were but at the time I wouldn't have wanted to be doing anything else. They were fun and carefree times that are now wonderful memories!


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