Monday, July 25, 2005

Dishwasher safe? Ah yes, no....oh I don't know!

What wonderful convenient additions these appliances make to any kitchen. They wash and dry your dishes all by themselves with no real effort from us. Well, with the exception of getting them IN the dishwasher itself.
For years people have been putting dishes in and taking them out and reusing the same exact dishes and utensils. Along with people doing this they have also been saying "don't put those knives in there," "oh and those glasses they can't go in the dishwasher." I mean there are lots of things that I've heard people say can not go in the dishwasher. My question is WHY?

WHY can these things among others not go in the dishwasher. I mean what exactly happens in there that they can't handle? I have actually gotten down on my knees and looked inside mine to see WHAT is in there. What I saw were the racks for the dishes and glasses, a paddle with holes in it that I assume water comes out of. Granted the water is hot but it comes from the hot water heater so it isn't any hotter then the sinks or showers. Lets see what else? I think the only other thing that I saw was the heating element that dries the dishes. So now tell me what happens. None of those components look damaging so what is it that they DO that the knives won't survive or the glasses will have difficulty?

Me? If it is in my kitchen and used on a daily basis then it's in you go. Honestly, what could possibly harm them in there that couldn't be ten times worse by using it and with two kids.....Please. There is more chance of it becoming scratched, cracked, broken, bent or even melted outside the dishwasher then it is in it. At my house anyway!

And this is what has me so perplexed on this day. Man I'm SIMPLE!!!

The greatest gift is not being afraid to question!
- Ruby Dee


Blogger Christie said...

Actually, my dear blogger, the water heats up more than your shower and for a long period of time (in dishwashing years). So if you put "that" knife in there, you will eventually get a knife that no longer has a handle, because it has become brittle. I, believeing that if you put it on the top rack nothing can happen to it, put some plastic water bottles we had gotten at Nashville Shores on the top rack and when the load finished, I was amazed that the bottles not only melted, they became miniatures of themselves. I laughed and chalked one up for the label that reads "Don't put this in the dishwasher"

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