Saturday, August 13, 2005

"Good Will" hunting!

In the society of today I know it's most fashionable to shop in the finest department stores, boutiques and other local hot spots for the latest rags. Name brand. That's the only way to go. If it doesn't have some body's name needled across the pocket, waist band, behind or other highly visible location you may as well just leave it on the rack. Ridiculous, that's what it is ridiculous!

Parents race right out to buy up all the latest. To do what? To be able to drape their kids in what is considered high fashion. PLEASE! It swells my brain beyond belief. Why do these parents do this? First the age group of children that I am referring to are elementary. These kids DO NOT care! I could send Michael to school in a hefty bad and there wouldn't be a word said. Believe me. As long as he had his Pop Tart for breakfast and maybe a spiderman pencil in his pack back.....nothing more required. They do it so THEY look good. So THEY are viewed as upper crust or elite. Ugh! It just tells me that their children probably have the higher mentality.

Please don't anyone speak of it (in public anyway) that they shop at consignment stores, thrift shops or God forbid Good Will. Oops, my big secret is! I refuse - do you hear me REFUSE to spend good money (not that all money isn't good) on clothing that will be worn for one season at most. If I feed my runts really well they may even have a growth spurt, there goes the season. Having one of each (child that is) also adds more to consider when purchasing. Mina is not going to take to kindly to a "boy shirt." So now there is only one child that will be donning these fashions.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with these wears I bought. Michael was with me on this extravagant outing and he LOVED every single thing I showed him. Why? He loved them because he was looking at shirts that were cool and really for the most part he could careless. Not one shirt was faded, torn, stretched....nothing. The whopping price tag on the most pricey item was $3.49! I will say no more.

Well, one more thing. Don't be so "keep up with the Jones'" and try your local less trendy shops. If you're nervous someone may spot you once inside get yourself a pair of Jackie O's and a big hat. I promise they will have a variety of each, in stock. Oh, and don't worry I'll never tell!

For me I will continue to be "Good Will" hunting.

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

- Eleanor Roosevelt


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