Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The "Hoover" roadside stand!

Sure, during the summer there are lots of things that are peddled on the sides of the road. Fruits, vegetables, plants, furniture etc. However, keep in mind all of the above mentioned are temporary for the season or even just a weekend or two.

This genius is year round. Rain, shine, sleet or snow his vacuum cleaners are there. In the gravel, weeds and traffic dust ready and waiting to be purchased. I mean I myself have said "honey, on your way home can you stop by the fruit stand and get a basket of tomatoes." I have even purchased hanging baskets for my front porch from my roadside stand friend.

But VACUUM cleaners?! Yeah, lets run right out to the "Hoover Stand" and get ourselves a vacuum....and I MUST have the dark green one that has been sitting outside for the past 18 months. Not only is in NOT going to work I'm sure it has things living in them by now. The funnier thing is that there's a huge sign over the door that reads "repairs." So lets see, he fixes them and THEN puts them on the side of the road for sale!! Man oh man....

Could you please tell me WHAT goes on in peoples heads!!!

An error gracefully acknowledged is a victory won.

- Caroline L. Gascoigne


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