Wednesday, August 10, 2005

First Times...

It seems as though there have been a lot of these lately. I guess that's to be expected with the kids getting older and doing more on their own. "No, Mommy I can do it" is a big phrase around here and I am more than happy to oblige. Seeing them become independent is a wonderful thing. It's like watching little buds at the end of a stem bloom into these beautiful vibrant and for me breathtaking flowers. Sure it's heart wrenching at times but it's all part of growing up...even for me!

My little Mina has experienced several firsts just this summer. From making her very grilled cheese for lunch (minus the grilling part of course) to swimming in the deep end without a life jacket. The absolute independence of this little girl just floors me daily. She is so very capable of so many things that it is easy to forget that she is just 4. Then she comes to snuggle in my lap smelling all fresh from her bath with her Chee-Chee and blanket and I think to myself "there she is, my baby."

Mina not only slept in her bed without the bed rail last night for the first time (promising me that she wouldn't fall out) she had her very first day of school. Everyone was up bright and early. Getting ready was a breeze for her but I had a little trouble. Has she stood on the stool in the bathroom with me brushing her hair I looked at her in the mirror looking back at me and I was overwhelmed. My eyes filled with tears along with pride. At that very moment I couldn't believe that I was going to put my little girl in the car, bring her to the school and leave her there. She noticed my upset and asked "Mommy, why are you sad?" I told her because she was getting all grown up. The sweetheart that she is throws her arms around my waist and says "don't be sad Mommy, I'm going for a while but I will be back later." Gosh, I love her!

Mina was so worried that she would be late. All through breakfast she said "Mommy, are we going to be late. Don't we have to hurry?" The excitement was more then she could stand. She tossed down her cereal, checked her back pack to be sure I was on the ball and had everything in it then on the back it went and out the door.

On arriving at the school Mina informs me that I can go in with her but could NOT walk with her down the hall. I agreed and stayed to mandatory five paces behind. I watched her stroll on her way and while doing so she would glance over her shoulder to be sure that I wasn't gaining on! (little weasel) I didn't realize the embarrassment that I would cause her should I have accompanied her in the hall. See, I'm learning everyday!

Her day was a flying success and she couldn't wait to tell ALL!

Happiness is in a great measure the result or our own dispositions and actions.

-Hannah Webster Foster


Anonymous heine said...

goodlookink little lady,must be that danish streak

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