Thursday, August 18, 2005

Going places

My two kids that is. For the past couple of evening the kids and I have traveled the country, and in the comfort of our own living room. See their personal mail supplier, yes Salena sent them a "UGE" laminated, colorful wall map of the United States. That now coupled with the moving box full of postcards they really get to see what each state looks like. Better then that they can imagine they are in all the places that Miss Salena has visited.

Mina asked the very day the map hit the wall, "Mommy were is Miss Salena?" I pointed and said "right there." My finger was on Las Vegas, Nevada. She gets closer to the map and asks me to move my finger, her nose just inches away. She studies the spot like a scientist looking though a microscope then says "really, how come I don't see the truck?" OMM! Needless to say I laughed, explained and we went on.

This map and geography lessons have been all consuming for the both of them. The other night we began placing little blue sticker dots on all the places they have received postcards from. Each taking turns they get a card. We read what state and they both go searching the map. It's like a game. It's green, on the right, near the top - twenty questions come to mind. Once they locate the state I find the city and the owner of the card puts the dot in the appropriate area. It's GREAT!

This morning Mina's first question was "could we pleeeeze do the map thing." I only let her do a couple because we couldn't really do it without Michael. That one! He's not even in the car this afternoon at the school and he says "I want to go home and do the MAP." Can you believe that? What is it with these two? I'm very excited that they are so excited, my word they are going to melt the plastic right off the map.

We are all caught up with our travels with the exception of Canada. That I've been keeping a secret until we are ready to dot it. If I don't I will be cutting my wrists with "Mommy, can we do them now?" "Now, can we?" "Are we ready NOW to do it?" You see what I mean?

Well, we all look forward to more postcards. Ready and waiting with dotted fingers.

Be careful of your thoughts; they may becomes words at any moments.

- Ira Gassen


Blogger Christie said...

in a whiny voice...."I want to do it". Seriously it sounds like fun and I want Salena to send me postcards so I can put dots on the map. Oh yeah, I need a map!

7:11 AM  

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