Saturday, September 10, 2005

The place NOT to be!

Last night I along with my kids attended a Home Coming football game at one of the local high schools. No, I am not that much of a die-hard football fan that I just scope out balls game and go for no reason. My girlfriend has a daughter that is a student there, a senior this year and is in the band. So, periodically we go, the kids love it and I spend most of my time there in a mental state of 1982-83!

Michael actually DOES watch some of the game along with playing with his buddy on the bleachers, this making all the surrounding fans overwhelmingly happy. I'm thinking "to bad the boys are six, it's NOT the Superbowl and who really cares?" Mina however is a completely different story. She is totally taken with the cheerleaders, the band and ALL the girls that mill around at a high school football game. Man oh man! If I could see inside her head I'm sure I would become so dizzy watching her brain whirl around I'd probably puke.

The low slung jeans with big belts, cropped shirt that are worn in conjunction with the jeans so the naval ring can be prominently displayed along with the strategically placed tattoo. Jeans that look like they were caught in the line of fire and 2 to 4 inches too long. I suppose I should be grateful, they are saving some of my tax dollars by sweeping the streets with the cuffs of their pants......ugh! Insanely applied make-up and jewelry that says they spend entirely too much time in the arcades. Do you see why I would puke if I had the ability to look inside my daughters head? She was taking it all in and loving every minute of it.

A 4 year old girl who somehow has gained more fashion sense then is needed to a high school football game is really NOT the place to! She was full of questions and wanted to know "why" everything. The biggest question was "Mommy, when I get big can I wear things like THAT?" I laughed, gave her a big squeeze and told her "We'll see!"

I clearly remember my time in school and realize that these kids are not unlike I was. For the most part I believe the majority of them are fine people and their style of dress by no means dictates who they truly are. I just have a different point of view now that I'm a parent of two, I know my turn is coming. But then again my parents survived my time, these parents will survive their time and I too will survive mine!


Blogger Mama said...


Thought I would visit you back...I enjoyed listening to the visions at the fb game. LOL! Having teens and little ones, I deal with it all the time.

I bet you *do* know a 100 things about you! Try it. It took me forever to get thru it, but now days later my brain keeps thinking of something else and I think why didn't I think of that? Come visit anytime and if it's ok, I'll be back here...~m

11:07 AM  
Blogger Corilynn said...

I remember when i was in High School. I was a titanette. :) I was a colorguard- the group of girls who spun the flags. Our team was the Titans so we were the Titanettes. The cheerleaders where just that, the "cheerleaders." I was even in parades. LOL Then i had to move again :(

12:32 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

vic - send her to my house anytime- i would love to take her to some of the shops here- of course she will diffenently come back a different person - maybe ALITTLE spoiled!!!!!!!

6:10 PM  
Anonymous mom said...


Mina will be just fine, she will do her thing like you did yours and come out on top.
She has good parents and people praying for her.

11:47 AM  

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