Tuesday, September 06, 2005

While you were out

It's happen. The spirit has moved and I'm on a tear. First things first though, coffee and plenty of it. By my second cup my momentum was building, the kids and honey sensed my urgency. Look out I'm going IN......the kid's rooms.

Mina's was first. What happens in these rooms when I'm not looking. I mean I'm in and out of them several times a day everyday but I just don't see it. The STUFF!! It's everywhere. I grab a tall kitchen garbage bag for trash and a larger bag for so called good will things. Shortly after beginning my frenzy I realized that I had the bags backwards. Good will things in the smaller bag and trash in big blue. Mina was in and out but didn't really care what I was doing, UNTIL I took a stuffed animal pillow and set it aside. Knowing that it meant it's stay here was coming to an end she starts to cry....ugh! I assured her that I would not get rid of it and all was well with her.

On to Michaels room. Holy cow the crap that kid had in his room. Now, as I drag these bags down the hall and take a left into his room, he is ALL aware of what I'm doing. "Mommy, what are you doing with this?" "You can't throw this away!" as he digs it out of the bag. I point to the door and shout "Get OUT!" "OOOOOUT!" Against his better judgment he leaves but not for long. By the third time I chased him out honey FINALLY got the hint. Sometimes he just gets it. He rounds up the kids telling them that Mommy has some things to do and off they go. Where I don't know nor did I care.

Now I can really start hurling junk out. I stood in the middle of this room in awe, I just could NOT take in all that was there, it was amazing. With some speed of course, because I don't know how much time I had I begin going through his bins, boxes, toy drawers and under his bed. It hit the bag if I couldn't identify it, if it was broken on any level, missing pieces or just plain old and out grown. I called Salena just to have the joy of a witness even if it was a hearing one. At the moment she answered I picked up a jet-ski. I told her what I was doing and naturally she laughed, she's seen both my kids rooms first hand at their best. I continue to describe this jet-ski. "Listen" I tell her, "it's about 5 inches long, broken handle bars, not one stick left on it (it did have that nice black fuzzy stuff that is left after the sticker is gone) and NO bottom!" No bottom, that means it can't even float anymore. Yet, he had it in a box that he was just carrying around that morning, like it was a prize. I told Salena to listen closely and I tossed it in the bag. The bag was big, blue and FULL! I wiped out the bins and started refilling them with the things that were left. As I'm doing this I came across a rock, yes I did say a rock. I laughed at my sweet little boy and that too went in the bag. I tied a knot and out it went, out of the house never to return again.

Just in time. They came strolling in with happy meals, laughter and lots of questions. Michael runs straight to his room and shouts "Mommy, you did such a great job, everything is right where it belongs." He was amazed. "I can SEE everything, look" The kid was thrilled! If he only knew what truly happen in his room while he was out. He would be mortified to say the least if he knew that jet-ski took it's last ride before he left.

Anthony too was happy to get some of the stuff out of the house, but I wonder if he realizes that I do the same thing to him while he's at work?

"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing."

- Phyllis Diller


Blogger #28 said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by, and you have a nice blog here, Cleaning the kids room is horrible here too!

4:47 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I do the same thing when Sean is gone..if he only knew!
My girls are still too little to make a case for any of their things, but I remember trying to persuade my mom that I still needed all my junk when I was little. Funny how attached we are to our stuff, even as kids.

12:39 PM  

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