Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mina's Morsel

Pulling out of the bank drive-thru yesterday morning I look in the rear view mirror to find Mina with a somewhat of a scowl. I wasn't sure what was the cause of such a face, so I ask. She shakes her foot and begins wiggling her fingers in the air (like a spider) and asks "Mommy, do you ever get those things around your feet?" I truly had not the first idea what she was talking about. She says "you know, when you get bees in your shoes." I'm thinking bees! Ah, yes the bees in the shoes, her foot had fallen asleep. I laughed out loud and proceeded to tell her that the bees was her foot sleeping (now that really cleared things up, a sleeping foot, hm!) She was satisfied with the explanation (I didn't say understood it but was satisfied) and asked if my feet ever slept. I told her yes of course, when they are very tired they too sleep.


Anonymous Mom/Grandma said...

the kids are something else, how they communicate to us about what is happening to them. That sounded like a good way to share what she was feeling. Go Mina!!!!

7:51 AM  

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