Monday, August 22, 2005


We received the invite and we're going to the party. The birthday party of twin 6 year old girls, which means there will be twice the fun. We all know what we are wearing, the time and location, but what do we bring and the better question is how many? We have never been to a party for twins before but common sense tells me to bring two of everything. My theory is when in doubt call Mom and that is exactly what I did.

Strolling through the local "has everything" store I call my friend, Mom to the twins. HELP! She finds the whole ordeal quite funny. Being a down to earth kinda Mom she sweetly says "I don't know, get a game. We don't have a lot of them and they can share it." Whew! Great, the search is over. I'm still thinking that they should both have a little something to open. Just as that thought travels through my head she says "ya know, maybe it would be better for them to have something each to open." Ah, I was right! I mean they are 6 and sisters. Please who wants to share a birthday gift especially with a sibling? I have two and know just what it's like to have to MAKE them share but a special days gift, no way.

Birthday girls with Mom!

So we got the game and each a little something.....Problem solved.

The party was great. Imagine you are in a huge room filled with those bouncy houses that are at amusement parks. That is where we were. Shoes off and it's OFF! I must admit I had a wonderful time just watching them all run, jump, climb and slide. With soda, cake, ice cream, goody bags and for the guests of honor presents, what in this world could be better? The girls were classmates of Michaels last year. That being the case other children that were in attendance were also. It was a reunion too. Having the kids play together again while we Mothers chatted about our summer and who is doing what this year, what fun.

What at refreshing change from the master of childrens parties....."Chuck E. Cheese"

"Little girls are the nicest things that happen to people."

-Allan Beck


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