Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ms. Lola the King Pin

Spending time in a retirement/assisted living facility today was interesting to say the least. Myself along with three other ladies decided to go "visiting" and the plan was hatched. We were to meet near a local supermarket at 9:45a and ride together. Four woman pumped with coffee on their way to an old age home, scary almost. Two of us were Chatty-Cathys, talking about everything from blogging to school issues to the care of the elderly. One was sitting quietly amused at the banter while the driver escorted us, all the while in secret anxiety about what we would find on our arrival.

We have arrived!

Piling out of the van with laughter and questions, "Who's got the plant?" "I have the card, does it fit in the plant stick?" "I have the magazines, I wonder if she will read them." "What room number is Ms. Lola in AND do we have to sign in?" (We sound like the picture of organization don't we?) We in fact did not have to sign in and we located her room number on the wall directory, so off we paraded down the hall. We were all pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the facility. It was about a 2.5 stars in a hotel rating. With it's well decorated walls, matching furniture and carpet, it sparkled. Not only from it's cleanliness but from it's warmth and character as well as it's smiling staff.

Knock, knock, knock!

Ms. Lola lets us all in, thankfully. I think I myself may have hesitated a smidge. The little apartment was beautiful, small but very nice. It was filled with things from her home. Furniture, pictures, candy dish (I sat next to it), plants and linens. After there were hugs and kisses all around we sat and visited. She was thrilled to have us and was just chatting away about all the wonderful things to do there. I chime in to tell her that I brought her some magazines I thought she might like to read. No good. Her sight is limited. (I must stay better informed about the health of my elderly friends.) I was completely convinced as I watched her buzz around that apartment in her scooter, almost knocking over her dining buffet that was packed with pictures and flowers. The very next move she almost beheaded my friend with a quick and very sudden spin in her chair, it had a huge head rest.

There were several items in Ms. Lolas home that needed to be sold and were. She was very attached to them but seemed to get a handle on the fact that they just had to go. There was a price however. Once on a roll there seemed to be little problem watching it leave. We borrowed the phrase "show me the money" and you can have just about whatever you want.

Ms. Lola

She tells us that they play cards. Wow, sounds like fun I say, do you play? NO! The sight thing remember. (Ah, yes as I go back into the candy dish.) Christy suggests that she purchase a WAY oversized deck, this will allow her to participate. She stated that she really enjoyed playing bingo and if there were a game ever started there she would play. So now with her newly found way to make money (selling her belongings) together with cards and bingo I suggested that she would be financially just fine. It was also said that on our return we would bring with us a pair of extra large dice and a small conveyor belt so they would be able to shoot some craps.

By this time Ms. Lola along with the rest of us were laughing uncontrollably. I told her that I was certain that she would be on the evening news. "Breaking News" Ms. Lola, the king pin in a gambling ring here in an local retirement home was now in custody. She is being held on a 1 million bond. We told her that we would take up a love offering at church to help with her legal fees should it ever come to that.

Wiping the tears of laughter from her face she just beamed at the four of us sitting there in her little room. She told us "laughing like that makes my heart feel good" and doesn't it for us all. Our visit was short but lots of fun. I know what it did for me I can only imagine what it did for Ms. Lola.

As we left her sweet little place she just kept saying, "please lets all do this again sometime!" As for me I plan to make a trip there at least a couple of times a month. I don't believe I'll have any trouble finding someone to accompany me and I must NOT forget the dice!!

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in then true beauty is revealed only if there as a light from within."

-Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Blogger Melody said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I sometimes wish that I'd been a bit older when I started my family, I think I would have had more patience with them. But I'll still be young enough to have FUN when they are gone.LOL.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Christie said...

I'll start the offering next week! It was so enjoyable going to see her. I hope we keep this up with all of our shutins. (That sounds a little archaic)

12:11 PM  
Blogger The Daily Rant said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. Wish I were there too! Next time I come visit, I want to go with you to Miss Lola's! Love you. ~Swee

3:25 PM  

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