Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Night fliers!

It's 7a at the breakfast table. Mina sits in her chair dazed and glassy eyed staring at her bowl of Crunch Berries. I encourage her to get started because we will have be going soon to take Michael to school. "OK Mommy, I will" she says rubbing her eyes. Taking for granted she is going to do what she says I leave the kitchen for a moment, only to return and find her STILL rubbing her eyes. I asked "what in the world are you doing?" Her reply was "picking the bugs out of my eyes." I laughed and asked her "what bugs?" "Not regular bugs Mom, the ones that get in yours eyes at night."

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Anonymous MOM/Grandma said...

Vic,just leave it to kids to come up with the right words to discribe what they feel, see, hear, like the bugs that get into your eyes at night--That is priceless!!!!!!

5:31 AM  

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