Sunday, March 12, 2006

Triple Lutz

That's right, you heard me. A Triple Lutz jump in figure skating. NO. I didn't do one, but there was skating or something that resembled it going on.

After Michaels basketball game that afternoon, another couple said they were taking the their kids skating and invited us to go along. I'm thinking, "GREAT, what fun, and the kids are going to love it." Now, although I felt appropriately dressed for the ball game in a pair of yoga pants with a little hoodie and my sneaks, I don't recommend this attire for skating.

First of all, Honey opted to sit this one out. Strictly a self preservation thing, considering he is the sole provider for the family. Me...a completely different story. I'm lacing them up and hitting the ice. Once I've finished strapping the deadly razors to the bottoms of my kids feet, we were all off. It's been YEARS since I've taken a spin on these steel gliders and my kids, NEVER before. Is the picture beginning to take shape in your mind?

I step out onto the ice gingerly to say the least, the kids right along side me. I take Mina around first, while Michael staggered along the railing. Before I knew it I had both of them in tow. OMGosh! Not only did I FEEL ridiculous, I KNEW with no uncertainty that I LOOKED even more ridiculous. Mina was directly in front of me holding my hands and moving her feet a mile a minute to get no where, as Michael skated like the frightened Scarecrow walked in the Wizard of Oz. His arms where flailing in every direction as his legs were doing the same thing in exactly the opposite direction. I was a human coat rack for the afternoon. As they would lose their balance, they would grab for me, and it didn't matter what it was. This is where the yoga pants are not recommended. Michael reaches out to catch himself from falling and grabs my pant leg. I'm trying to manage Mina and keep myself upright as it is. Michael grabs hold and hangs on for dear life and I begin feeling some very cool air on the right cheek of my coolie. (you know what under garment I was wearing with yoga pants) NOOO! Let GOOOOOO! Now, I'm holding Mina with one hand and my pants with the other and trying like crazy to keep us all on our feet. Whew! We made it. I then heard a woman who was right behind me laugh and say, "Holy cow, he almost puller her pants off!"

Needless to say, I tied my pants so tight, that my legs almost fell asleep.

The afternoon was insanely fun for everyone and I think we will be doing it again. However, next time I'll be wearing my securely buttoned Levi's.

Oh, and a workout? Take two kids, that have never skated before skating for a couple hours. I swear, I feel like I've been beaten with a very big stick!! But well worth it.

"When I go out on the ice, I just think about my skating. I forget it is a competition."

- Katarina Witt


Blogger Norman said...


That's so funny!! I got a GREAT visual off that, even the flashing!


8:29 PM  
Blogger truckdriver_sefl said...

GREAT GREAT story!! Sounds like you had a good weekend!

8:52 PM  
Blogger Tammy said...

So, how you feeling today? If it were me, every muscle in my body would be in so much pain!

7:42 AM  
Blogger sarahgrace said...

Sounds like fun! My son is always grabbing onto my pajama pant-legs at home and has de-pants me on several occasions. Thankfully, it's not in public!

8:13 AM  
Blogger mommyof4 said...

Lol! Thanks for the warning on wearing yoga pants ice skating:)! I went skating a few weeks back and boy did I hurt afterwards!! It was still fun :)

8:28 AM  
Blogger Hasan Mubarak said...

That made me laugh like anything...

I'd love to do ice-skating if I ever get a chance.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Cathy said...

I am still teaching my 4 year old to skate and he just doesn't get it. You should see the looks we get from parents whose children have been on skates before they could walk; many parents have their children in hockey already by the time they are my son's age! Skating lessons are sold out before the spaces are even barely available so I planned to teach him myself on the lake this year, but the lake barely froze so it didn't he will be 5 and still no skating. So we're un-Canadian!

8:40 AM  
Blogger The Daily Rant said...

I so WISH your pants were pulled down! Even though I wasn't there, I would be laughing about it FOREVER! LOL

HOW funny!

12:10 PM  
Blogger cubmommy said...

Moon on ice. almost. funny.

I have never ice skated. I am afraid I will break an ankle.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Lammy said...

Priceless mental image!!! Hilarious!
I used to ice scate like crazy... but the last time I took my kids...I finally took off the skates so I could help hold the little ones up without falling on my face!
Thanks for the visual!

6:12 PM  
Blogger Meow said...

I love iceskating, used to go every week to the local indoor rink. Nowadays, my altered centre of gravity makes it an interesting experience, to say the least.
Glad you had fun !!
Take care, Meow

11:26 PM  
Blogger Renee said...

Ice skating IS definitely hard on the body! Especailly my old body. And I always fall down and bust my butt,so that's not helpful either!

7:31 AM  

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